I am the CEO of ELPS Corporation,
a firm specialized in environmental consulting.

ELPS Corporation is a professional environmental consulting firm established based on "Environmental Technology and Environmental Industry Act" with the purpose of providing solution for our customers' diverse environmental issues, by combining our staff members' professional knowledge and work experience accumulated in the areas of law, policy, and scientific technology related to environment.

We do our best so that our customers can achieve desired outcomes through a systematic and cost-effective method. We will accurately identify diverse needs of our customers, review the possible legal, policy, and technical alternatives, and seek strategies to effectively achieve them.

For this purpose, ELPS Corporation maintains an organically cooperative system with environment-related professional institutions, such as government agencies, municipal governments, universities, research institutions, engineering firms, etc. We have been building a system for cooperation to work together when needed.

We will always make our best efforts to solve any environmental issues, with the attitude that we are the only team that is capable of reaching a solution. Please do not hesitate to visit us and make use of our service.

Thank you.

JungHo Moon, CEO